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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Properties and application fields of phytoestro-
gens (Continued ...)
Hot flashes (Continued ...)

Is not particularly induced by oestrogenic insufficiency, as to a certain instability of the hypothalamus. The isoflavones significantly moderate inflows of blood hormone LH. These (luteinizing hormone) promotes ovulation and maintains the secretion of estradiol and progesterone in women and acts on the synthesis of testosterone in men.

The take daily preparations of phytoestrogens as Wonder-
Over or Wonderup, reduces hot from 40% to 10% after 3 months of assimilation although, towards the second week, the reduction of symptoms is remarkable.
It is important to consider, in this connection, that the Cimici-
fuga of WonderOver, usually used for the treatment of hot flashes, it was discovered also able to reduces the quantities of LH thanks to its active ingredient formononetin, genistein precursor.


I fitoestrogeni presenti in WondeOver agiscono contro i problemi di elasticità del dermaThe skin is as an object to be hit by estrogen, being provided with a large number of receivers estrogenic. After menopause transformed influx estrogen helps to establish a sequence of events such as the narrowing of the epidermis and thinning out of the hair, the worsening of the suppleness of the dermis, reduction in subcutaneous fat tissue of the face and external reproducti-
ve organs, the decline of the development of the fingernails which shows weak and rifled. Treatment with phytoestroge-
ns WonderOver can decrease the number and severity of these events.


In the lining of the vulva there is a loss of subcutaneous tissue, a thinning of the epithelium and decreased efficiency of vaginal glands with consequential reduction of the elasticity of the tissues and dryness of mucous membranes.
Phytoestrogens such as those active in WonderOver, can act in order to increase hydration and tone of these tissues.


I fitoestrogeni presenti in WondeOver agiscono contro i problemi legati alla osteoporosiThe shortage of ovarian estrogen, characteristic of menopause, repre-
sents a risk factor for the growth of the disease. They, in fact, act in regulating the amount of calcium which conforms in the bone tissue.
Studies on the frequency and distribution of osteoporosis, have shown the superiority in European women in menopa-
use when compared to Asian women, suggesting a food regimen substantially different.

From the available data it is believed that isoflavones have the potential to reduce the lack of calcium similarly to ovarian hormones without being afflicted by the equivalent side effects. The protector result on the bone is influenced by the interaction of isoflavones with beta receptors, particularly delineated in this tissue.

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