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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Thematics annexed to WonderOverThe intake of antibiotics with conse-
quence on the microflora (the intestinal microflora is scientifically defined as a set of micro-organisms present in the intestinal lumen, which if cohabit in a specified equilibrium contribute to the health status), chirurgicic operations, cholelithiasis (ie the calculations of the gallbladder and biliary tract), diet rich in fats may adversely limit the metabolism and thus their activation.

The Anglo-Saxons write in the literature that is more inclined to the calculations by the woman 4 F, female, forthy, fatty, fertile, that is, the woman of forty, who gave birth and greasy!
In fact, the female hormone, estrogen plays a significant role in cholelithiasis, and likewise oral contraceptives pose a risk to the lithogenicity of bile as they are responsible of abnormal gallbladder motility with incomplete emptying of the same and alterations in the ways intrahepatic biliary and on the mechanism of canalicular excretion of bile.

Some phytoestrogens are formed in the gutThe amount of phytoestrogens that are formed in the gut is diversified by relating to the subjects and the feeding which they apply and this would explain the difference in blood concentration of the relative metabolites and the different biological findings that are found to equality of food assimilated.

The mutation of daidzein into equol due to the activity of the microflora, for example, takes place in only 35% of people. For these assumptions, a precautionary measure response action of phytoestrogens should not be considered based on the contribution but to the urinary concentration of their metabolites (Metabolites = substances that take part in chemical reactions that occur in the body or derived from them).
The essential feature because the body is able to take advantage of these important parts is that the intestine is intact in its activities and that the microflora is peculiarly effective in its concentration and combination.

Classification of phytoestrogens

Whole grains represent the primary source of phytoestrogens for the nations of WesternersChemically, phytoestrogens can be grou-
ped into three main categories: Lignans, Cumestani, isoflavones
. In the writings in force and in the current literature are consi-
red especially isoflavones and lignans which likewise only represent the primary source of phytoestrogens for the nations of Westerne-
rs (whole grains) when compared with isoflavones abundantly assimilated by the oriental as soy and its derivatives. Of lesser interest is another set formed by the acid lactones Resorcylic, whose substantial compo-
nent is zearalenone, present in mushrooms and defined mico estrogen.

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