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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

WonderOver and the breast protection (Continu-
ed ...)
Who can not use phytoestrogens

It is recommended that women who are pregnant or lactating, and even those who are taking antiplatelet drugs or antiplatelet agents do not use products containing phytoestrogens.

Who can use phytoestrogens

Any woman in menopause who want to feel good but it is not intentioned or can not make use of hormonal methods of treatment can be discovered in the classical phytoestrogens an alternative therapy that can become particularly useful to all those who are afraid to make use of hormones because they are afraid of a possible risk of breast cancer.
Even the ladies who cannot tolerate certain consequences related to the use of hormones, such as a feeling of swelling, weight gain, abnormal bleeding, and the presence of a variety of premenstrual disorders may find benefit in taking products containing phytoestrogens.

Plants, herbs, fruits and plants containing phytohormones

The products of vegetable origin such non-steroidal phytoestrogens, are present to a natural stage in approximately 300 plants. They possess a structure of precursors, which will later be metabolized in the body into its active ingredients. Their regular absorption, derived from the intestinal bacterial flora in good condition and the concomitant absorption in the nutrition of whole grains.

The components of phytoestrogens actually approved by research on the chemical level are isoflavones, lactones of Resorcylic acid, lignans and comestoni. Phytoestrogens are found in many plants such as legumes, fruits, roots and vegetables and have a behavior similar to estradiol produced by the ovary, although in milder but no less valid manner.

Phytoestrogens are put into action and become usable by the body due to the conduct of the intestinal flora so it is good to keep the gut healthy to ensure that they have the means to be activated in the body.

The comedones are present in the buds and in greater quantities in the beans, in clover, Brussels sprouts, sunflower seeds. Isoflavones are found in soy seeds and legumes. Lignans are present in almost all cereals such as wheat germ, rice, wheat, bran, flax seed, olive oil, hops and all vegetable matter, with a higher concentration in flax seeds and sesame seeds, berries, cherry and blueberry and royal jelly.

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