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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Menopause and fitoterapia: what is useful for treating disorders of menopause with herbs (Con-
tinued ...)

In the post menopausal you do not have more follicles to stimulate and urge the hormones the ovaries and adrenal capsules to emit increasing amounts of the male hormone androgen. During menopause, estrogen is greatly reduced compared to the reproductive age.
Menopause” comes from the greek “menos” month mens-
trual cycle and ”pausis”, end. It’s the end of physiological menstruation and usually occurs between 45 and 50 years. If you highlight before age 45, it is said premature menopause, and if you highlight after age 55, it is called late menopause.

These activities can be involving the pre-menopause, characterized by atypical menstrual and cases of menorrha-
gia. The post-menopausal corresponds to the interruption of menses for more than a year.

The climacteric comes from the greek “Climater” meaning ladder rung and indicates the transition period that goes from the fruitful life at the end of fertilization capacity. It can occur (but not necessarily), together with clinical definitions and in circumstance you speak of climacteric syndrome. It may also be with hot flashes, sweating, mood disorders, insomnia. The insufficiency of estrogen, which with the passage of time determines the osteoporosis, also causes problems on the genital apparatus with eventual appearan-
ce of cystitis and vaginal infections.

As of the end of the 40 years or at the beginning of the 50, with the conclusion of the menstrual cycle corresponding to the end of ovulation and the production of estrogen, the female body for a natural phenomenon begins to release a weaker estrogen called estrone.
If you benefit from a good psycho-physical balance, this step is often progressive and without glaring symptoms. After some years the consistency bone begins to shrink and you notice a thinning of the vaginal wall which joins to dryness, in addition to a relaxation of the bladder.

After 10 years we run a greater risk of decease of a heart attack or stroke that prior to menopause, when estrogen present were included as authors of bodily preservation.
Hot flashes and night sweating can become a problem for women who access the menopause. The signals due to menopause are caused by estrogen insufficiency that is caused by ovarian atrophy. They are made from hot flushes and sweating, vasomotor instability, circulatory disorders with palpitations and labile hypertension, psychic instability with emotional disorders, depression and insomnia.
The reduction of estrogen implies complications not only to the sexual organs and the breasts but with the onset of osteoporosis, also to bone tissue, creating particular proble-
ms to the vertebral column and pelvis.

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