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Thematics annexed to WonderOver

Thematics annexed to WonderOverThe female researchers and researchers Naturdieta, after years of searching and experience with the twenty-year product Wonderup tablets for breast they have prepared WonderOver liquid that is already considered to be the best supplement and support essential to every woman, beginning with the period of menopause, also in the absence of symptoms.

The study and research

In recent times, scientific research have focused their interest in phytoestrogens, a group of natural substances that have been shown to have multiple important biological activities.
Naturdieta has been the first company to take an interest and to propose natural-based products such as phytoes-
trogens Wonderup
, is now able to offer to its customers the compound WonderOver.

Asian women assimilate moderate amounts of foods containing soyInvestigations carried out on some Asian populations started in the 50s and recently validated found that Asian women who assimilate moderate amounts of foods containing soy (which is one of the nutrients that embraces significant amounts of these substances) show, towards Western women a lower relevance of issues related to menopause, such as hot flashes and osteoporosis having less risk of developing endometrial and breast cancers.

Phytoestrogens content in WonderOver, are elements of vegetable origin that are provided by hormonal characteri-
stics of category estrogenic. Although almost always present in the vegetable kingdom, the most relevant quantities are found in soy and although in lower levels in a variety of quality fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Even if they belong to the category of steroidal for their activity and constitution are similar to the steroid 17-beta-estradiol. (The 17 Beta Estradiol (E2) is a steroid synthesized primarily by the theca cells of the ovary and the granulosa from the testis and in small part by the adrenal cortex. Elevated levels may be due to pregnancy).

With this affinity constitutive, they vie for the same areas of the endogenous estrogen receptor of them share the same affinity with the benefit, however, a starting capacity many times smaller. Over 300 plants with estrogenic activity have been identified but of these, just some are gender food and have been used in the formulation of WonderOver and furthermore only if in the latter contain the precursors of phytoestrogens, which must be metabolized due to the activity of the bacterial flora intestine.

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