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Soy: natural ingredient of WonderOver

Soy: ingredient of WonderOverSoy is part of the category to which belong Flavonoids isoflavonoids and phenols that have a form similar to estradiol. Phytoes-
trogens vegetables contain genistein and daidzein, which possess an action similar to that of estrogen although weaker. Estrogens are provided with an anti-estrogenic action that estrogenic and bind to hormone receptors.

Thanks to their anti-oxidant and anti-estrogenic properties, help to keeping down cholesterol and thus decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease with a preventive action. A good intake of soy alleviates, along with other components such as those contained in WonderOver, the symptoms of menopause including hot flashes.

The phytoestrogens contained in soy also helps in bone mineral density and osteoporosis. Phytoestrogens are present in many vegetables. The natural plant hormones are similar to estradiol, the hormone produced by the ovaries before menopause and taken in appropriate amounts, limit the symptoms of menopause.

Soy is one of the foods with the highest concentration of isoflavones and phytoestrogens. Soy is therefore an excellent ingredient in Wonderup addition to being an amazing food and a great supplement that should be included in our daily diet.

Other features and properties of Soybean

Soy is a food of great value that is getting more and more successful in feeding not only vegetarians but of all the people that care about their health. There are also many supplements soy-based on the market.

Soybeans have a similar flavor to the beans, and can be eaten just like a legume. Are derived from soybeans also many food products present more and more massively on the market not only in stores but also in supermarkets: soybean oil, soy flour, soy sauce (very good condiment used in Chinese cooking instead of salt), soy milk, soy ice cream, tofu (soy cheese), burgers and sausages, meat substitutes for vegetarians. The soybean is in fact composed of 44% protein, much more than the lentils or other legumes.

From the Soy also gives an excellent substance for health: lecithin, a natural emulsifier that keeps in suspension cholesterol in the blood by preventing the formation of deposits on the walls of the arteries. It is excellent for lowering high cholesterol. Cholesterol deposits are a major source of cardiovascular disease. The soy lecithin also enters into the structure of the cell walls by making two of the major antioxidants: vitamin A and phosphorus.

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