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As acting the natural product WonderOver

Soy is an important ingredient of the natural product WonderOverFrom the forties scientific research has advanced considerably and many insights have been transformed in certain elements. In 1970 was presen-
ted the first essay on estrogen present in forage crops and it is thanks to such initiatives precursors which can now comprises in all their validity properties of phytoestrogens used in the natural treatment of climacte-
ric disorders, which are also in WonderOver.

Natural estrogens are divided into three orders: the isoflavo-
nes, which are rich many fruits and different vegetables and especially soy as that of WonderOver; lignans present in rice, sesame, wheat and flax in Cumestani typical of forage, the buds of many legumes and sunflower seeds.

WonderOver is presented as one of the integrators with the content most complete in phytoestrogens and his four isoflavones activate functionality peculiar and important in the biological activity of the human organism.
The biochanin A, daidzein, formononetin and the Genistein, thanks to the valence estrogenic and more particularity to the action as a precaution for the breast cancer and to the uterus, are manifested as currently the four main isoflavo-
nes for the natural hormone replacement therapy.

Among these four isoflavones, genistein puts in place the prophylactic action more pronounced, also established in the literature, with regard to the appearance of tumors. This also fulfills the function of isoflavone antioxidant, preventing potential damage caused by free radicals.
The activities of these four isoflavones contained in WonderOver make it a natural supplement of the most valuable for hormone replacement therapy in menopause.

Why can be an useful supplement based on wonderover isoflavones WonderOver?

As previously written and substantiated by numerous studi-
es, thanks to the ’intervention of four specific isoflavones, WonderOver stimulates a significant therapeutic outcome at estrogen levels.

WonderOver: against disorders related to menopauseIn lifespan of a woman when estrogen production begins to decline progressi-
vely, they manifest the first signs of menopause. Thanks to the high conte-
nt of isoflavones and more active ingre-
dients with antioxidant activity, integra-
tion with isoflavones WonderOver can significantly reduce the symptoms of menopause, proving to better quality with respect to a monothematic integra-
tion formulation.

The isoflavones in WonderOver behave in a manner similar to estrogen in the human body. They are part of a set of components of plants called phytoestrogens, which literally means plant estrogen.
Given that the chemical form of isoflavones is similar to that of estrogen in our body, isoflavones are able to mimic some of the beneficial effects of the latter, providing high benefits such as the reduction of menopausal symptoms, the defense of bone health and rates of cholesterol in the blood.

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