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As acting the natural product WonderOver

As acting the natural product WonderOverScientific studies, along with the tools made available by biotechnology, by molecular biology and genetics allow us to discover more and more frequently natural active ingredients rich in multiple opportuni-
ties to therapeutic applications. As the magnificence of nature has influenced the highest artistic styles in the same way the balance between beauty and health of the woman is the main focus of scientific research Naturdieta.

WonderOver: what and why is useful?

WonderOver is a unique supplement naturally derived base of isoflavones from Naturdieta specifically developed to counter the shortcomings estrogenic at menopause.

Scientific studies have shown that extracts of herbs that make up the formulation of WonderOver possess significant quantities of isoflavones and their estrogen-like activity (phytoestrogens) is appropriate to supplement the shortcomings of menopause and reduce discomfort.

WonderOver also possesses antioxidant activity and also anti-aging for the epidermis and mucous membranes.
Isoflavones and Polyphenols WonderOver also provide a supplement of antioxidant active principles and anti-aging valid to revitalize the skin and mucous membranes especi-
ally after 45 years.

WonderOver: natural product against menopauseIn the composition of WonderOv-
er there are not derived from genetically modified plants. It is important to consider a natural approach to the treatment of menopause and it is for this reason that researchers have for-
mulated Naturdieta WonderOver.
Given that the chemical form of isoflavones is similar to that of estrogen in our body, isoflavones are able to reproduce some of the beneficial effects of the latter, providing valuable benefits such as the reduction of menopausal symptoms and the defense of the good condition of the bones and rates of cholesterol in the blood.

Clinical studies have shown that with the isoflavones, such as those active in WonderOver provide a considerable improvement of the signals related to menopause, moderating both the frequency and the intensity of hot flashes and transpiration at night.
A daily dose of 20 ml. of WonderOver assists women in menopause to ensure bone health and preserve intact cholesterol levels.

The characteristic biological activity and high levels of isoflavones in Wonderover, permit the body an ideal use with only two intakes a day, after lunch and after dinner.
The fundamental discovery of the estrogenic-like properties of phytoestrogens dates from the middle of 900. In those same years were discovered and synthesized female hormones (by the German A. Butenandt) and thought the likely medical treatment for menopause symptoms related to the interruption of the generation of hormones by the ovaries of women.

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