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Horsetail: natural ingredient of WonderOver

Property of the horsetail

At the equisetum are attributed diuretic properties hemosta-
tic and haemo-poietic. Among the major constituents of this plant there are silicon, the equisetonina, some organic acids, resins, Aluminium Chloride and Potassium. At the silicic acid are attributed the re-mineralizing properties that the plant owns and are found chiefly in beauty and skin treatments. The results on coagulation are most debated while it is safe stimulation of hematopoiesis (formation of red blood cells).

The horsetail is used in treatment protocols for arthrosis and for the benefits it can have on the articular cartilage, and bone tissue.
It has astringent properties, healing, diuretic, hemostatic re-mineralizing and the latter valuable for bone, cartilage, nails and hair. You use it as a diuretic in viral and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract because it increases the urinary excretory irrigation.

The drug causes a particular water diuresis without changing the electrolyte balance. It also employs in the case of post-traumatic edema and static. Externally it is used as an adjuvant against difficult healing wounds, eczema, infec-
ted lesions of legs and feet by performing poultices or ablutions.

Its mineralizing activity is due to its high content of silicon, which would facilitate an essential role in bone calcification especially in the early stages of their formation and facilitate the composition of the bone callus after fractures. It is believed that the Equisetum possesses a conduct preventive action against atherosclerosis, given that silicon is an element of conservation of 'integrity of the arteries.

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