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Triko Ok Women:

Hair loss in women

The smog ruined them quickly

Hair loss in women: the smog ruined them quicklyThe hair spongy become dirty quickly because the sebum and smog are introduced in them, rather than disperse. In such circumstances it is useful to use a shampoo and gentle surfactants lacking in that allows you to wash your hair daily. The preparations oily and rich in red algae are the ideal because they are able to perform a cleaning action focused. We must also pay attention to the hot air of the hair dryer because it fosters a greater production by the sebaceous glands.

Breaking because retain a small amount of water

Simply run a test: when you see a hair on your blouse or on the pillow, just consider whether it still has the bulb. If you do not find it, it means that it is broken.
The cause is attributed to dehydration that, in addition to condition the hair in their fragility, it also makes them intractable and enervated. In this difficult situation it may be useful to use fabric softeners Shampoo with vitamin B5. In this way it promotes oxygenation, microcirculation and sustenance of the bulbs.
Massaging weekly dry hair with flaxseed oil or olive oil leaving it for about fifteen minutes can help to restore their malleability and suppleness lost.

Are electric and do not maintain the fold

“Are electric” and do not maintain the foldAfter 50 years a given that unites many women is that the hair is less docil to hairstyles and this is due to the fact that their chemical structure is changed. The result is that they are often charged with static electricity and swaying.
To “domesticate them”, you need to dry them always inserting the appropriate tool on the air conveyor dryer, so to direct air leakage moderately warm. Even the use of antistatic spray during the hairstyle can be useful. Also ask to the hairstylist a collagen mask once a month can help to restore elasticity to the hair.

If you must go out and hair are not clean, it might be useful to exploit the bathroom to keep the head tidy, coiling the clumps curlers in a certain volume and soaking in the tub and let the warm water vapor ensures the fold.

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