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Triko Ok Women:

Hair loss in women

Decrease because hormones are reducing

Hair decrease because hormones are reducingAntecedently menopause and after 40 years or so, the body produces a lesser amount the estrogen which are the hormo-
nes that may dispense positive results during the life cycle of the hair. Increase the progression of phase called “anagen”, that in which the hair grows. This shows that the natural turnover of hair is not offset by an appropriate substitution and for such reason, the hair becomes less extensive.
While descends estrogen production is elevated share of a protein compound which is due to the lower thickness of the hair and of their fall. In this case it is very valid to use the integrator Triko Ok Women which contains, amongst its many active ingredients metiotine, cystine and tyrosine, which limit the ability of the enzyme antagonist and strength-
en the structure of the hair.
If the fall is important and allows a glimpse of different areas of the epithelium, it is advisable to consult a specialist in dermatology for more targeted considerations.

Reducing the keratin they become permeable

Hair decrease because hormones are reducingThe problem is similar to that found on the skin. The useful parts that hold together the nuclei of the epidermis decrea-
ses with age and the pores become more visible.
In the hair, on the contrary, decreases the consistency of collagen and keratin with the consequence that its slivers which cover them gradually become less consistent and are no longer in conditions of defending against attacks of pathogens and by ultraviolet rays.

In order to protect the hair could be useful to change the usual shampoo with products with the addition of UV filters and every fortnight perform an ’application with an oil of wheat germ. Since the hair is more porous, its absorption will be better, in this way increasing the texture and hydrati-

Is “Turned Off” because they refract the light correctly

The hair is coated by a sheath which is formed from many small slivers placed one above the other. If there is not enough water in the capillary structure, these lamellae are raised and consequently the light radiation manifests itself anomalous.
It is not enough to change the color for groped to improve the appearance of a crown not brilliant but it is necessary to opt for products with vitamins, amino acids and panthenol which invigorate the stems and silicones that restores the bright-

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