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Triko Ok Women:

Hair loss in women

And if the cause was the diet?

One should not only consider the androgenetic alopecia when considering hair loss in women. It is found always more frequently that the hair fall also due to strict diets or unwise.

Hair loss in women: And if the cause was the diet?The hair absorb their nutrients from the blood and thus maintain their health only if they are well fed. One of the most worrying problems nowadays, especially for women in adole-
scence, is the plant-based diet. With this pattern of feeding can reach in a short time to a situation of anemia and iron insufficiency, especially in women who have blood loss during the menstrual flows.
The effect of anemia on the hair is that they become dull, weak, they break frequently and then fall. In such situations there is a major hair loss, the greater to the loss defined as physiological presumed that the daily loss of about 50-100 hairs, derived from the common cycle of existence of the same, which experiences a period of growth (anagen), breaks (catagen) and fall (telogen). Fortunately, this loss is temporary and you can repair the damage by consolidating nutrition.

Childbirth and lactation

Women hair:  childbirth and lactationA further period averse the vigor and strength of the hair of the woman is the time following the birth. During maternity Mom’s hair, thanks to the high percen-
tage of estrogen, were dense and shiny but after the birth and the sudden change in hormonal function, which restores the condition before the usual gestation, the hair can also be affected by a considerable thinning out, although only temporary, called telogenic hair loss.
This event highlights normally around the second month after birth and continues for another two or three months tending to decline naturally as a result. It is essential at this time to set up a balanced diet, which gives to to the metabolism all the substances of which it needs enjoying, on the advice of the specialist, the integration of vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as those found in Triko Ok Women.

It is not only hair coloring to change, with the succession of the years become even more tenuous, less flexible and lose firmness and pliability. The hair needs numerous attention which vary if compared to the various problems.

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