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Triko Ok Women:

Women hair loss

Triko Ok Women against women hair lossHair loss in women is compact and is evident at first with thinning hair at the ends later, gradually, over the head. The junction of the forehead, often, is not attacked by this problem. Encounter extensions entirely bald is particularly unusual. Contrary to conventional belief, hair loss is not caused by an increased production of testosterone but by an excessive genetic sensitivity of the hair bulbs towards of testosterone.

How to grows an hair?

The regular growth phase of the hair consists of 3 stages:

  • Period of growth or anagen: has a duration from 3 to 6 years. The hair grows from 11 to 24 mm. per month
  • Transitional phase or catagen involution: has a duration of approximately 3 weeks. The development stops and the hair bulb is separated from the base and moves slowly upward from its case
  • Interruption-falling or telogen: the hair stops growing and the root is separated from the base and moves slowly upward from the sheath. This action lasts 2 to 3 months. The hair comes off and starts to fall from the new hair that is developing.

Triko Ok Women against women hair lossGiven that the above conditions are carried out in different spans of time, usually 80% of the hair is placed in the position of growth, 1% in the transitional period and 14% in the termination condition.
The hair stretch to grow more during the summer and fall the most during the fall season, although the changes of individual differ a lot.

The hair bulb, in a whole lifetime, produces around 25 stages of development, then it ceases to live and is no longer alternated. Even the steps are reduced when the shorter period of development and it is also for this reason that the number of hairs is impoverished before. Who limits this period of development is the androgenic hormone testosterone, which also causes the anticipated fall. A good blood circulation promotes hair growth.

Triko Ok Women: during pregnancy best to consult your doctorPCan cause hair loss even smoke, stress, diet unchanged, medicines, or extremely monotonous diets. In most cases, the hair grows in the moment in which these reasons nuisance is reduced.
Many women, in the period due to pregnancy, they see their hair grow and thicken considerably. This vitality is caused by the hormonal level of estrogen that is more conspicuous. The hormone content decreases after childbirth and almost always within 2 months following it is due to a considerable loss of hair. The condition rebalances itself within a few months.

Women have less pharmacological solutions available although they are less subject to rarefaction of the hair. It is a peculiarity of the male gender Has sticking to devoid of hair. Under certain conditions or periods of their existence, even women can detect a thinning of the hair, although less marked than that usually haunts men.

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