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Red Clover

Triko Ok Women:

Red Clover: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Women

Red Clover: natural ingredient of Triko Ok WomenIts use for the re-balancing of hormo-
nal functions is fairly recent. It is newly in fact that thanks to the rese-
arch conducted, it was discovered its estrogenic action. Are responsible some of its main components and in particular the glycosidic flavonoids such as bio-cyanine A, daidzein and genistein.

It is normally known by the English word “Red Clover” and currently has the reputation of being an important phytohor-
mone. At this current indication combine traditional features.
In China and Asia was the widespread use and an expectorant in asthma attacks and was also used as anti-inflammatory, sedative and diuretic. Were also observed applications on wounds of the skin and applications in diseases of the eye.

Prepared with Clover medicines are still appreciable in the external treatment of eczema and other dermal diseases and in addition to this as an expectorant for coughs and bronchitis. The initial assumptions about the possibilities of phytoestrogenic plant had from the observation of “contrace-
ptive effects” on the cattle. From here, the deepening of study of its phytocomplex reiterated that red clover is a concentrate of phytoestrogen compounds.
The phytocomplex of the plant is indeed represented essentially by isoflavonic essences of nature, considered significant for a drug form of the plant. They partakers significant amounts of formononetin and biocianina, geni-
stein and daidzein.

It is known that the biocianina A is modified in the body in genistein, which is one of the most well-known phytoestro-
gens and formononetin in daidzein. In phytocomplex were also found significant amounts of vitamin E.

Red Clover: natural ingredient of Triko Ok WomenRed clover is also rated as one of the effective solutions to mitigate the problems associated with menopau-
se, and how effective natural alterna-
tive to hormone replacement therapy.
Research and clinical trials indicate that red clover isoflavones are active on vasomotor symptoms of menopa-
use syndrome and affect balancing them, the concentrations of sex hor-
mones in women in peri-menopau-
sal cycle.

Positive considerations were obtained also on the change of bone density, with decreased bone mass loss in a prolonged time following the administration of standardized extracts of red clover. Finally, no less important, is the influence on the lipid profile and cardiovascular concomitant with menopause: treatment with extracts of clover contribu-
tes to the prevention of cardiovascular risk associated with estrogen imbalance.

The effectiveness of Clover is so evident and widely supported by controlled trials against placebo. They are also known pharmacokinetic data which confirm the absorption profile and bioavailability both in the acute than for prolonged treatments. Vascular effects are manifest also on the male population: the evidence of the ability of activation of nitric oxide synthesis in human endothelial nuclei, was confirmed by clinical studies in which it is found the decrease of the rigidity of the arteries and the results protective factors of danger of cardiovascular disease.

Recently more research on the plant have shown antiviral and antifungal characteristics related to the production of fitoalexine in response to infection. The pharmacological and clinical studies show red clover as a plant without danger, do not recognize toxicity and significant side effects, well as for long-term therapy.

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