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Mate - Pag. 5

Reductup Women:

Mate: ingredient of Reductup Women

The scientific research (continued ...)

Mate: significant antioxidant activityA further in vitro study has shown that mate limits the formation of AGEs (essential fatty acids) implicated in the development of complications of diabetes, with a result comparable to that of two medicines of AGE (essential fatty acids) inhibitors themselves.
But the mate has a remarkable tradition of use in the world. In Europe it is taken for weight loss, against the physical and mental fatigue, nervous depression against, for nerve pain, for migraines psychogenetic and tear.

The mate use has become very popular in Germany as an aid in weight loss, in addition to being the subject of a specific study which describes the approved uses were against physical and mental fatigue.
In France, the use of mate has been approved as a therapy for fatigue due to tiredness or scarcity of energy as well as support programs for weight loss and as a diuretic.

To use the power of mate also appear in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia which also is indicated for the treatment of fatigue due to wear, for weight loss and headaches.

In the U.S., Dr. James Balch recommends mate against arthritis, headaches, fluid retention, obesity, fatigue, stress, constipation, allergies and hay fever also asserting that the plant purifies the blood, reinforces the nervous system, slows aging, stimulates the mind, controls appetite, stimulates the formation of cortisone and is expected to be able to increase the curative qualities of other herbs.
Today, the mate is cultivated in India and Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia indicates the treatment of headaches psychogenetic, nervous depression, rheumatic pains and fatigue.

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