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Reductup Women:

Mate: ingredient of Reductup Women

The scientific research

Studies conducted by major institutions such as the Pasteur Institute in Paris, documenting that mate contains in itself almost all the essential vitamins for good nutrition as well as being a strong antioxidant and metabolic detoxifying. Thanks to the industriousness to 11x polyphenols, prevents burn-out of cells, plays antidepressant activity, energizing and tonic natural.
Thanks to a substance similar to caffeinecalled mateine, facilitates concentration and brain activity and can be an alternative to coffee, but without any negative consequences.

Among the main active ingredients are present in mate: xanthines (caffeine, theobromine and theophylline), saponins and 10% of chlorogenic acid. Are also present similar to sterols ergosterol and cholesterol, and identified several new saponins in the leaf called metasaponins.
The saponins are chemical constituents with valences as pharmacological activity of the immune neuro tonic system recently demonstrated by research.

The mate leaf is capable of block the lipoxygenaseIn 1999, Swiss researchers conducted a study that demonstrated how the mate was able be support in weight reduction as a result of thermogenic found in healthy subjects, symptomatic of a growing proportion of fat burned as energy.
Other clinical studies have established that the mate leaf is capable of block the lipoxygenase, enzyme activity involved in infections and inflammatory disorders.

In addition, some extracts of mate demonstrated relaxing activity on the soft muscle tissue and increase the flow of bile and to limit the vasoconstriction.
A recent U.S. Patent (2002), shows that the mate has the capacity to block, in vitro, monoaminoosidasi (MAO) of 40-50% and it is argued that the mate could be helpful in relieving various disorders such as depression, disorders’ attention and concentration, humor and emotional disorders, Parkinson’s disease, extrapyramidal disorders, hypertension, excessive use of substances, food disorders, withdrawal symptoms and smoking cessation.

Several studies have exhibited evidence of a significant antioxidant activity of mate. Its high antioxidant capacity have been related to urges assimilation of the antioxidants elements existing in the leaves. The mate leaf possesses, in fact, a verified inhibitory activity of lipid peroxidation and in particular the oxidation of LDL (low density lipoprotein), which are believed to be the artificer application to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.

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