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Coleus F. - Pag. 2

Reductup Women:

Coleus Forskohlii: ingredient of Reductup Women

The coleus has been used for many centuries as a regulator of blood pressure and certainly the ancient doctors could not know that the molecule also had antiplate-
let, anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator and vasodilator

Forskolin has its therapeutic properties to a specific mechanism of action that activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase 4, resulting in increased concentrations of c-AMP in all eukaryotic cells. The c-AMP has a basic function in cellular regulation, exercising a positive effect on cardiova-
scular level, pulmonary, skin and platelet aggregation.
Increasing levels of c-AMP in the heart and vessels, forskolin causes a decrease in blood pressure by relaxing vascular smooth muscle and improves left ventricular function, exerting a positive isotropic effect.

Attraverso la forkolina si ha un rilassamento della muscolatura liscia bronchialeAt the pulmonary level, the increased levels of c-AMP caused by forskolin provides a relaxation of bronchial smo-
oth muscles
and relief of asthma symptoms.
Another area of implementation of forskolin is the psoriasis. Similarly asthma, psoriasis is also characterized by low levels of c-AMP in the dermis. This alteration contributes to the accelerated replacement of mitotic keratinocytes caused the clinical disease.

In this regard there is evidence of improvement in psoriasis symptoms with forskolin that regulating the concentration of c-AMP and can exert a positive effect on the disease, optimizing the turnover cheatinocitarius.
The modern scientific analysis has shown that the potential applications of the extract of coleus forskohlii are numero-
us because the molecule has a mechanism of action and properties that permit use as an adjuvant in numerous systemic diseases.

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