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Cocoa - Pag. 2

Reductup Women:

Cocoa: natural ingredient of Reductup Women

Pharmacological activity of cocoa (Continued ...)

Cocoa: natural ingredient of Reductup WomenCaffeine also provides an incre-
ase in thermogenesis, activity by which the energy liberated in the oxidation of nutrients is not imprisoned in the form of ATP but dispersed as heat and thereby increasing the energy consumption and facilitating the reduction of body weight.
Data received from experimental researches show that methylxanthines act as antagonists of the receptors adenosine. Similarly, fruit, vegetables and tea, cocoa beans are also a rich source of flavonoids who practice a remarkable effect of preventing against coronary heart disease.

The primary flavonoic fraction in Cocoa is represented by flavan-3-ols and oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which eliminate free radicals, blocking the cascade process and the anomalous aggregation of platelets that caused the composition of thrombi in blood vessels.
These substances would increase the presence of nitrogen oxide which promotes vasodilatation. Research conducted by Harvard University on individuals whose age was around 65 years, has shown that consumption of cocoa and chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cocoa: natural ingredient of Reductup WomenThanks to additional studies was also documented an activity of neutralization of hydrogen pe-
roxide and superoxide anion
. The oligomers procyanidinic iso-
lated from cocoa bean produce more effective antioxidant than epicatechin monomeric.
He was recently also identified a group of biogenic amine which is attributed the cause of this dependence on cocoa in some individuals and the effect resulting from rewarding ’use. At phenethylamine, for reciprocity to the central level similar to amphetamines, is credited the ability to pass hungry.

Another substance isolated is anandamide, whose name derives from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means happiness. Indeed, anandamide, seems to be able to stimulate sensory perceptions and inducing euphoria.
The cocoa extract may also be applicable as a invigorating, energizing and neurotonic in individuals who perform a moderate exercise, as it creates the necessary prerequisi-
tes for physical stamina and energy recovery after exerci-

The use of cocoa is therefore recommended in a field or prophylactic in cardiovascular disease where the require-
ments of antioxidants should be reinforced as, for example, the sporting activity.
Are not known side effects. The presence of tannins can induce constipation in case of using abundant and the presence of methylxanthines can determine cardiac excitability. Do not use in pregnancy.

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