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Citrus Aur. - Pag. 3

Reductup Women:

Citrus Aurantium: ingredient of Reductup Women

Citrus Aurantium: useful to balance the brown adipose tissueThe increase in cyclic AMP provides increased lipolysis and an increased mitochondrial oxygen consumption, an indicator of increased thermogenesis (literally “heat development”). This activity is different from subject to subject as closely related to genetic causes (meta-
bolism) that define the amount of a fabric very particular, said brown adipose tis-

This tissue, abundant at birth and that decreases with the passage of years, is a metabolically dynamic tissue, gene-
rating heat and energy by “burning” the fat to a greater extent than any other area of the body.
The localization of brown adipose tissue is mainly on the trunk and abdomen and breast. The mansion of this fat is to generate power and heat. In infants has the task to balance body temperature.

This activity is called thermogenesis and is actuated also after a meal, thus limiting the impact of the calorie consumption on the weight of the body and on adipose deposits, dissolving the energy derived from food in the form of heat.
In overweight individuals, often the white fat is not capable to perform the utilization of fat as “fuel” for generating heat, with a consequential increase in body weight and adipose tissue.

Citrus Aurantium: useful to stimulate thermogenesis of white fatThe white adipose tissue stores, on the contrary, calories in excess, resulting in the increase of body weight. The white adipose tissue develops to a greater extent in the prenatal period and propagates rapidly after birth. It is ubiquitary but is far more present in the abdominal area, pericardi-
um, renal, muscular, breast and skin.
It is the essential forum of the accumulation of triglycerides. The stimulation of thermoge-
nesis in the white fat (rich in beta3 adrenergic receptors) that are driven to behave metabolically as brown fat, is a useful method to limit and control weight, and the results are durable, because the weight loss is due to the elimination of fat and water.

The Italian Ministry of Health allows a maximum dose of synephrine of 30 mg. / day as a substance found in supplements. The citrus aurantium is contraindicated for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and / or hypertension.

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