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Mycream Women:

Natural Breast Reduction

Le fibre che saldano la cute ai composti sottostanti sono diverse nell’uomo e nella donnaThe common characteristic of the fat representations has an anatomic origin and it is linked to physiological diversity consti-
tutive of the subcutaneous con-
nective tissue existing in both sexes.
In all women, the fibers that join the skin at the underlying compounds are disposed so that the fat pads positioned below the epidermal level can easily reach the surface, providing to the thighs, buttocks and chest the typical adipose appearance.
This phenomenon tends to increase with age because the skin is reduced and because the subcutaneous tissue is is more damaged. In man the anatomical structure is morphologically different because the fibers are connected under the skin in a compact manner, preventing to the fat to rise on the surface.

On this different anatomical form are activated hormones and the fibroblasts, biological units of subcutaneous tissue that keep the balance in the extracellular environment, operate at the constant regeneration of the dermis, generate substances that it make flexible, heal injuries and make resistant the entire structure.
Estrogen, in some situations, disturb the activity of fibroblasts by changing their task. These cells, if genetically imperfect or abnormally, stimulated by estrogen, begin production of molecules irregular that break down the subcutaneous tissue with beginning of inflammatory activity and consequential accumulation of fluid in the areas most affected. The swelling thus determined, favors an increase in pressure under the skin and the fat particles present are directed towards the outside and made visible.

Edema also press on the capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in a decreased local circulation and the skin does not receive an appropriate supply of oxygen. The entire affected skin area enters into asphyxiated crisis . With the lack of oxygen, also the district reparative properties of the organism are no longer effective.

The new capillaries that are formed are very weak and can break up constantly causing other micro bleeding. Fibroblasts are no longer in a position to heal the damage and keep active the physiological intercellular matrix. In this metabolic disorder are modeled plots of collagen fibers, modified adipocytes, inflammatory cells and micro bruises that come together initially in micro nodules and later in nodules larger than later appearing on the surface and are visible from the outside.

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