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Mycream Women:

Natural Breast Reduction


The excess fat is a disorder is not well understoodThe excess fat is a disorder is not well understood and scienti-
fically not completely explained. At a microscopic analysis are found some changes in the subcutaneous tissue and in the micro circulation of the skin associated with each of them in a very complex metabolic scope.
The reasons which cause the fat are not fully known although it is certain that, in addition to a hereditary tendency not better identified, hormones play a very important function.

The influence of DNA is indisputable. Often grandmothers, mothers, daughters and nephews are similar both in location and in the development of fat and as regards the hormones, the realities are more consistent, almost exclusi-
vely in women.
The appearance of fat after the age of development, the worsening of the lesions during pregnancy, nursing, menstruation and at high concentrations of estrogen can endorse this view.

There are several hormones that affect various parts of the subcutaneous tissue disorders such as progesterone, testosterone, insulin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin, which explicitly affect the metabo-
lism of adipose tissue.
The natural distribution in abundance of adipose tissue interests  especially i thighs, buttocks and breastsAll women are aware that the natural distribution in abundance of adipose tissue interests especially i thighs, buttocks and breasts. The fat is parti-
cularly in these areas because here the adipocytes are larger than the others, more sensitive to estrogen and also offer a more balanced metaboli-

The association between adiposity and overweight is not so predictable. More than excess weight or the decreased muscle tone appear to be the determining individual differences in finding that the fat nucleus present towards the hormonal stimulation.

The weight loss may have the objective results about adiposity localized because it favors a decrease in the volume of fat cells but the weight loss can, however, also not be suitable to eliminate the appearance of adiposity, because the loss of adipose tissue in itself does not cause a change the structure and the amount of fibers in the subcutaneous tissue.
It is the particularity of the subcutaneous fibrous texture to determine the physical condition of adipocytes and their positioning in the deep layers of the dermis.

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