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Mycream Women:

As acting the natural product Mycream Women

As acting the natural product Mycream WomenMycream Woman is an innovative cosmetic product natural basis for the reduction of the female breast. It is a unique blend of herbal ingredients of high quality. Mycream Woman is the most accessible and effective product for non-surgical breast reduction at your disposal.

All of our products are considered hypoallergenic and specific beauty treatments with high functionality borned from the experience. Ideal to complete and maintain the action of treatments performed in the institute, which is extremely efficient because they use the same active ingredients professional use at home.

Mycream Woman contains a fine mix of pure extracts are also used in pharmaceutical production, consisting of horse chestnut, seaweed, escin, carnitine and ruscus, enhanced by the contribution of pure caffeine anhydrous, and iodine org., all conveyed by maltodextrin. Has a high coefficient of penetration inhibiting fosfodieterasi and the consequent reduction of fat in adipocytes, elevation of metabolic factors and strengthening of capillary fragility. It has been studied and calibrated to reduce body fat and reshape the breast.

How does this innovative cream for reducing the breast?

Mycream Women: decrease in breast size and firmness of the repurchaseThe exclusive formula Mycream woman will allow you to achieve a reduction of the forms also doing regain breast firmness. Each element of the product has been scientifically evaluated with the aim of stimulating the dermis thin decrease a woman’s breast also favoring strengthening.
Mycream Woman works by having as target the skin fat and glandular subcutaneous fat. The unique formula of Mycream woman, developed under the direction of researchers in the field of dermo-cosmetic and nutraceutical favors the dissolution of fat cells is facilitating as the reduction of the size that the amount of breast quickly.

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