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Thematics Annexed to Lipodream: the cellulite

The different forms in which is presents the cellulite is a natural manifestation of the woman. The reasons and elements that make it more visible are manifold but essentially carried 2 unique starting points, one derived from nutritional and a second of dermatologic type.

The nutritional origin

Cellulite: the nutritional originUnbalanced diet is the cause of a disproportionate accumulation of fat in the cells of deposit present in the lowest level of the skin, called adipocytes. If the adipocytes increase in massoc-
cupy the epidermis and they start the effect said to “orange peel” or cellulite. It is the first stage of cellulite and it is recognized because the skin, at critical points, is pasty and if pinched, appears an effect “full of holes” on the surface similar to the “skin of an orange”.

Its origins are due to hormonal dysfunction (due also to the pill), constitutional and hereditary. The cellulite is caused by a loss of elasticity of the blood vessels that supply blood to the adipose tissue causing the stagnation of liquids.
To remedy must not lose time because this blemish, if not treated can get worse. You have to take better care of the food using little salt and be active constantly united with drainage massages and start taking the Lipodream tablets (2 in the morning and two in the evening).

The dermatologic origin

Cellulite can be a source of dermatologicalSupport structures dermal undergo an alteration caused by the volume increase of adipocy-
tes: the dermis remains free of intensity and becomes more discernible effect in the “orange peel”.

It thus becomes essential to work on both the origins of cellulite, both the nutritional that dermatological in order to act properly on cellulite.

Fibrous cellulite

In this second stage of cellulite if we take the skin in the hands, his appearance appears like a bag full of beads, with protuberances quite evident. This form of imperfection is due to a stagnation of liquids constant that creates suffering for the adipose tissue making fibrous and making the tough skin to the touch.
To defend us from the fibrous cellulite is necessary to use massages that reactivate the circulation and move towards foods that contain flavonoids and bromeline as Lipodream, substances that help the skin to remain elastic.

Sclerotic cellulite

It is recognized immediately because, though not compressed, the skin has corries and protuberances like a bag of nuts and also compressing the affected areas, you will experience pain and you will experience the deep layers subcutaneous thickened.
In this third stage, cellulite causes a considerable suffering to the tissues and fat cells increase in number and volumetrically but the fibrous septa that separate them tend to tense up and retreat.
This causes that the nerve endings are compressed and even the simple touch critical points cause suffering. The care focuses on targeted massage, water gymnastics, a diet low in carbohydrates and the constant intake of Lipodream in the evening and in the morning.

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