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Thematics Annexed to Lipodream: some advice

Avoid stress and anxiety

Avoid anxiety and stress is essential as cause the production of substances that retain the fluid in the tissues and hormones that encourage us to eat sugars. Furthermore, stress is the cause of inflammation of the blood vessels and slows the circulation. If you are undergoing a lifestyle anxiety, you can relax with behavioral techniques such as yoga.

How to make more effective the morning shower

How to make more effective the morning showerTo make even more effective the morning shower and reactivate the microcirculation would be useful to run it with the method of Kneip that consists in alternating jets of hot and cold water, moving the phone of the same clockwise.
Must start from the feet and go up along the outer side of the leg up to the thigh for a continue to the buttock where to linger for a few seconds, then return through the ankle, this time, inside of the thigh. Repeat this on the other side. The jet of hot water should last 40 seconds, while the cold just 15 seconds.

It would be useful, every two weeks approx, take advantage of the shower to massage the critical areas with a horsehair glove. This will rid the skin of dead cells preparing it to receive subsequent treatments. This fiber must not be too stiff so that attempts to activate the microcirculation. After the morning shower, remember to take 2 tablets of Lipodream.

Avoid fasting

You need to avoid the fast because if you skip a meal, your body will require more sugar to meet the energy needs in the short and medium term, with the result that contribute to the onset of craving for sweets.
Should therefore not completely give up food but for a cleansing effect, you have to resort to immersing fruit, if you want to increase the water content in cold water for a few hours. The body without more nutritious complexes, will rely on localized fat deposits.

Dieta diversificata

For being a balanced diet must be balanced all foodsAccording to nutritionists for being a balanced diet must be balanced all foods.
Carbohydrates provide energy ready to use, the proteins contain the long-term, while fats help the body to recognize satiety.
Who has cellulite problems should limit acid-forming foods, those contained in meat, animal fats and refined sugars, which tend to modify the chemical balance of the stomach.

It will be useful to take alkalizing foods such as pasta and rice, whole grains, potatoes, legumes, cookies, soy milk and neutral foods such as vegetables, fruit and fish, on the contrary, have no influence on the pH of the stomach and are easily digested and eliminated.

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