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Thematics Annexed to Lipodream: some tips

Thematics Annexed to LipodreamSome tips to be implemented together with the constant use of Lipodream: Treat your feet, correct breathing, correct posture, avoid anxiety and stress, How to make more effective the morning shower, Avoid fasting, diversified diet.

Treat your feet

The feet are the engine of our body and the pump that pushes blood to the heart, so their care is very important. To do this, the best method is to indulge in a foot bath now and then by dissolving a couple of tablets Lipodream in a little hot water for fifteen minutes and then move them in a bowl with cold water.
I piedi sono il motore del nostro organismoThe temperature difference will restore the circulation. Always with the purpose of stimulate the lymph and blood flow towards the top gives good results the taxied your feet forward and backward sliding them on a tennis ball.

The constant use of Lipodream awakens your metabolism and not only will you will burn calories without much effort, but it will promote the production of adrenaline, which helps to release the fat from the adipo cides and glucose by the liver. In this way, the muscles will also use the lipids of deposed as energy, which are those out more difficult disposal.
To effectively optimize each walk should compose walk a little longer than the norm, contracting the gluteal muscle of the leg that remains behind. If you want to tone your adductors also, you should walk as if you were on a beam, placing one foot before the other.

The correct breathing

The proper breathing exercises to help keep coached the diaphragmThe proper breathing exercises to help keep coached the diaphragm. Lie down on the floor with eyes closed, breathing in as slowly as possible from the nose by inflating belly, you count up to 15 and exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing the diaphragm. Remain in apnea for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Proper breathing helps to relax. In addition, if you are in the mountains or the sea, you have to remember that oxygen helps burn fat while iodine stimulates the thyroid gland, which determines the deletion.

Correct posture

Having a correct posture, promotes good blood circulation. In fact the muscles, optimizing their right position, push the blood upward. Nowadays, we all tend to lordosis, that is, to be without the belly, to having stooped shoulders and buttocks backwards. You must tighten the buttocks and straighten your back.

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