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How does it works


As acting the natural product Lipodream

As acting the natural product LipodreamThe exclusive formula of Lipodream is bio-compatible and is able therefore to overcome the barriers of the intestine get onto the bloodstream and go so far in the deeper levels of the dermis.
Reduces the formation to “orange peel” while maintaining the skin smooth and more vital. In particular:

  • Firming Function: Centella and Red Grape + Rose Hips, to invigorate the epithelial structure through the production of collagen (Collagen is the most important structural protein induced by the body) and elastin (which is a protein component of the connective tissue that is flexible and allows many tissues in the body to renew itself in their conformation of origin)
  • Draining function: Papaya + Pineapple + Ginkgo, to drain and effectively decrease the installations of fatty tissue.

The unique formulation of active ingredients in Lipodream acts with procedure aimed at alimentary and epithelial function in order to fight the imperfections generated by cellulite.

The alongside at the cosmetic product

Lipodream can be joined to a cosmetic productLipodream implements a supplementary activity with all the creams used towards cellulite.
The traditional cosmetic product proceeds externally and is directed to the area for which it is used. Lipodream performs its task from within and in the most interesting levels of the dermis at the base of the problems that originate cellulite.


Many women have already tried Lipodream and the results are as follows:

  • After 15 days:
    • Skin firmer and vital 62%
    • Softer skin 65%
    • 78% of customers are already happy with the results
  • After 1 month:
    • Skin softer to the touch 75%
    • The figure appears renewed 67%
  • After 1 month of the term of use Lipodream:
    • Lasting results on beauty flaw due to adiposity
    • Firmness of the dermis
  • At 3 months, reduction of the problem “orange peel”:
    • In cellulite sensitive to pinch: -32%
    • In the cellulite is visible without pinching: -28%
    • In situations of cellulite with pain: -26%
    • Decrease in abdominal adiposity: - 25%
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