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Stimulation of female ejaculation

Social issues (Continued ...)

The woman and social issuesIn support of this concept, Mark Winton, in his editorial in The Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, “The social concept of the G point and female ejaculation, wrote that historically, we have discovered, ignored and redisco-
vered capabilities inherent biological women and relating to their sexuality
”. He continues to emphasize that the Point G and “female ejaculation” are a matter of biology with significant social ramifications, especially if these pheno-
mena are denied.

Winton writes: “If women can ejaculate as opposed to urinate, the sexual implications potentially pleasurable for a woman could be misled in order to bring up the event as embarrassing and pathological. This concept could affect its ability to achieve the orgasm and pleasure, if try to remove this pseudo urination”.

It should be noted that both Kinsey, Masters and Johnson stated firmly and repeatedly that women only have clitoral orgasms, also, Masters and Johnson have made a considerable professional credibility and public recognition due to their description of the sexual response cycle.

The men also may experience some anxiety about the idea of this potential sexual development for women. They may think of can become less necessary as sexual partners and misinterpreting the signal, they might think that the expulsion of fluid from the woman can be a sign of the end of a session of love before themselves are ready to let go.

Finally Winton speculates that “a change in the definition of orgasm can be seen as a possibility of complex, confusing and frightening, but also sees the possibility of positive effects of the phenomenon of female ejaculation if it were subjected to more thorough examination.
Many women may be more free from any guilt or shame to ejaculate during sexual intercourse if they had the knowledge and awareness that the urethral expulsions are natural bodily functions of their sexual organs

Another advantage of a paradigm shift that recognizes the female urethral expulsion as a natural body function sexually, could be the creation of further sexual activity that is not necessarily a prelude to intercourse. Our subjects and their partners reported that the process of creating a vaginal orgasm and / or expulsion from the urethral separate sexual intercourse, it is pleasing to both the woman for a partner who assists in the stimulation. Furthermore, these sexual practices are at low risk for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and no risk for unintended pregnancy.

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