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Stimulation of female ejaculation

Research (Continued ...)

There are many research about female ejaculationIn 2002, Emanuele Jannini, University of L’Aquila, provided an explanation for such an event, as well as the usual dis-
claimers of its existence. The openings of the periurethral glands are usually the size of the pine nuts and differ from woman to woman in their size, up to almost disappear and / or be atrophic in some women. If the periurethral glands can cause female ejaculation, then this could make understan-
dable the lack of event in many women.

In certain pathological conditions derived somatic, retrogra-
de ejaculation, which is to transfer the fluid up to the bladder through the urethra, may be a further explanation of depriva-
tion found.

Study: the periurethral glands and female ejaculation

Women have secretory organs that evolved from the same embryonic tissue (similar to the relationship between testes and ovaries), which are called periurethral or Skene’s glands.

The size and shape of these glands appear to diversify, so too significant, from woman to woman. The fluid that is generated resembling that produced by the prostate as well as male and in men, passes into the urethra and in some circumstances would be able to flow also in the vagina.
The glands are filled with fluid during sexual intercourse and foreplay and can be heard with the digital exploration through the vaginal wall. The firmness of the tissue adjacent to the urethra, can be a combination of glands that are filled with the fluid and the surrounding erectile tissue which is raised as the spongy body which enables the erection in men. In such circumstances may also be manifest to the touch, lifting / fragment not visible swelling of the clitoris.

The regular contractions of the pelvic muscles during orgasm will generate the expulsion of accumulated fluid, as the last component of female ejaculation. The amount of fluid delivered can be substantial, through the repetition of filling and evacuation of the glands during orgasm.

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