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Stimulation of female ejaculation

Intruduction and overview of female eiaculation (Continued ...)
Letting go is good

Not all women come to ejaculationNot all women come to ejacula-
, so do the anxiety of having to reach for strength ... But try as you may have a nice surprise. One of the reasons because it is so important that women are aware of the possibility of ejaculate is that if a woman feels the urge and it holds the risk of obtaining significant inflammation. Many argue, for example, that most of the urethritis would be caused by a contraction, often involuntary, during orgasm. In short, letting go is good.

Female sexuality is currently being studied in a number of research laboratories around the world, particularly since women's anatomical morphology was unveiled in ten inches of extension of the clitoris that partially encloses the urethra and the vagina.

But women are different from one another, even from anatomical point of view. The corpus cavernosum of clitoris and labia minora, called erectile tissue, is contrary to his divided and this implies that only half of women is in the condition of reaching orgasm through penetration, while an additional 25% should use simultaneous excitation of clitoris.
The 15-20% of women are multi-orgasmic and a percentage of women who still uncertain has Skene’s gland (prostate male Embryological remnant) near the urethra in female urethral produce ejaculation by means of stimulation of the Grafenberg Spot.

Claiming that the orgasm is only one type and have boot from the clitoris is only partly true. The latest research further understand that it is not accurate to say that there are methods to achieve orgasm in women who are more valid than others because, in many cases, this distinction is not plausible and because it is evidence that the ways in which reach orgasm are influenced significantly by social reasons, cultural, educational, religious, therefore individual and collective.

Orgasmic reactivity and sexual can typically uniform or similar opinion but try and feel so different from each individual. And more than all the personality, rather than sexual techniques which determines the orgasmic capacity and associated emotions. The personality trait that defines a major influence is to feel confident, psychologically and emotionally involved, totally complicit with the partner.

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