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Stimulation of female ejaculation

Intruduction and overview of female eiaculation (Continued ...)
Prostate specific antigen

Composed of protein produced by the prostate in men and male’s ejaculate basis. In women presumed to be origina-
ted from periurethral glands.

Mechanism of action

Mechanism of action of female ejaculationAlthough the medical and scienti-
fic community has now been recognized the existence of fema-
le ejaculation, there remains a considerable void when it tries to explain the scientific basis of the process of ejaculation or the source of the fluid itself. It was in 2002 that Jannini Emanuele, an endocrinologist and professor of medical sexology, with his research team of Aquila University (Italy) provided an explanation for this phenomenon.

Periuretral glands openings are usually comparable in size to the pine-kernels, varying in size from woman to woman, up to almost disappear in some women. The glands fill with fluid during sexual intercourse and can be identified through the vaginal wall. The swelling of the tissue adjacent the urethra, can be a collection of glands that are filled with fluid and the erectile tissue of women is raised.

Is the harmonious contraction of the pelvic muscles during orgasm which allows the expulsion of accumulated fluid as the last component of female ejaculation. The amount of fluid released can be considerable, due to repeated filling and emptying of the glands during orgasm.

Even the woman can ejaculate

Some women ejaculate during stimulation of the clitorisSome women ejaculate during stimulation of the clitoris, the other during the vaginal G-spot stress during particularly intimate and trusting relationship with a man who loves deeply and only with him. The other live more easily through the autoeroticism.

One reason that facilitates ejaculation seems to be the possibility to reach a high excitation and later to contain the condition of excitation while there is abandoned in this. In these cases is outlined as to indulge in a moment when it seems unstoppable.

Many women claim to have known ejaculation only after being involved for a long time actively own pleasure but there are different with an intense sexual behavior and satisfied they never ejaculated and did not feed the need. Those who manage to test it describe as something very rewarding sexually.

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