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Stimulation of female ejaculation

Intruduction and overview of female eiaculation (Continued ...)

Stimulation of female ejaculationThe G point is indeed some Area of the vagina rather than a point deli-
mited and is composed of residues of the male prostate tissue that ge-
nerate a liquid absolutely different from the urine and very similar to the male seminal fluid (of course does not include the sperm).
The existence of the male prostate tissue in women is not surprising because it is only in the sixth week after conception that sexual distin-
ctions begin to emerge. Prior to this period, human embryos are all the same and both ovaries and male gonads develop from a common structure.

he liquid produced by stimulation of the G spot can be expelled in small jets due to muscle contractions that result in sexual organs during orgasm. The enactment of this secretion takes place through the urethra, urinary last tract and this can be causes mistaken for urine.

A female orgasmic response unreported

Although Aristotle has been already written in the 1st century BC highlighting that the woman during orgasm was capable of emitting a Jet, even today there is no explicit information about this physiological response on sex education manuals.
It is thought that Galen (anatomist and physician of the second century AD) was been aware since it was one of the first to describe the female prostate, while the anatomist Rinaldo Colombo described the female ejaculation when explaining the function of the clitoris.

In the XVII century, the German anatomist Regnier de Graaf drew and wrote a book on anatomy female fluid “running out” and “that arose” during sexual excitement.
Theodor H. van de Velde in 1926 published a manual for married couples that reported that some women, during orgasm, free of liquid ... but few took him seriously.

What is the fluid produced

Only in 1981 Hlifax of Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, has examined this fluid. Analysts, who numbered among them Edwin Belzer Jr., Perry and Whipple, have published the results of the analysis of liquids taken from some voluntary on the “Journal of Sex Research”. Through chemical analysis it was found that the fluid expelled include glucose (a natural sugar) and fructose (another natural sugar, also found in prostate seminal fluid).

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