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MSM: ingredient of Lastevolution

MSM: ingredient of LastevolutionMSM is one of the best dietary sources of sulfur. It is believed that for humans are often the most significant sources of sulphur are sul-
phur amino acids methionine and cysteine. Anyways, since the discovery of the Earth’s sulfur cycle, this theory is increasingly questioned. Million years ago the oceans algae began the production of organic sulfur compounds, which led to the MSM generation. This biologically active sulfur was almost certainly the most significant source of sulfur for the progress of all subsequent forms of life.

This may suggest that the more developed forms of life were very probably genetically pre-programmed using MSM as source of sulfur. This way of thinking is further reinforced by the discovery that MSM can be assimilated by all living beings so far considered, and limitless doses without causing any adverse effects. The same cannot be said for sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine which can be hired to a lesser extent higher dosages because it may cause undesirable toxic manifestations.

Defense of wet membranes

Experiments with MSM containing sulfur have documented that after assimilation the MSM binds to mucous membra-
nes. The MSM joins with a certain receptors located in the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, respiratory and urogenital creating in this way as a barrier between the guest and the environment. There are numerous positive effects on health caused by these natural reciprocal influences: allergens and parasites cannot join the mucous, toxins are oxidized and free from the radicals.

How can act the MSM?

Biological sulfur deficiencies can lead, as a consequence, a less optimal functionality of each cell and every part of the body. No organic sulphur is poorly assimilated. It is for this reason that biological active sulphur is very important for the good condition of each living organism. The MSM is the natural source of organic sulphur. The use of MSM provides the following benefits.

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