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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Increase stimulus (Continued ...)

Are also possible activities motor parasympathetic fibers. Rapids and copious amounts of fluid present in the stomach in response to vaso-vagal reflex. In this gastric reflex, sensory information is sent from the vagus nerve from the brainstem, and from the top of the stomach in the vagus nerve.
The reflexes starts with the distension of the stomach mucosa and tactile stimulation of the surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach. This gastric secretion can begin with the signals sent by the brain, especially the limbic system.

These components have a remarkable similarity reflexes with the phenomenon that affects the vagina except those vaginal reflexes would act via sacral pathways. Although the central origin of the innervation has not been clarified, the peripheral synapses have been found to be not atropine sensitive,so that the answers are likely mediated by vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP).

The reduction of flow also increases the interstitial pressure and exudation. Tonic contractions of the vagina wall can easily close the venous Plexus and avoid the release of blood as it does for the erection of the penis. Studying the secretion of oxytocin during orgasm, there has been a wide fluctuation of blood flow during each subsequent contractile function of genital muscles.
Blood flow was monitored using wave photos. The mechanism refers to that here is observed readily in the lung where, if venous or lymphatic drainage fails causing even slight, increase in interstitial pressure, the intracellular fluid passes through the space of the alveolar area causing pulmonary edema.

The serous membrane of the pleura demonstrates such a high fluid flow if requested a significant backpressure. In erectile tissues venous outflow can be blocked by compression of veins, or by vasoconstriction of vessels draining the tissue. The stimulus caused by colon and neuropeptid Y and blood vessels of the vagina may regulate vasoconstriction appropriate.

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