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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Increase stimulus (Continued ...)

As acting the natural product LastevolutionIncreased venous pressure increases transudation at se-
rosal membranes such as the pleura and pericardium
; so it can be predicted to be a major contributor in the vagina also. Surely the venous pressure increases during the vasocon-
gestion which causes an ere-
ction. Thus transudation sufficient for lubrication accompani-
es erection. But what causes the additional flow called gushing?

There should be sudden increases in pressure in interstitial tissue. The hydrostatic pressure is the result of an imbalance between inflow and outflow, then a sudden influx that has not been combined with increased outflow would lead to a significant hydrostatic pressure in the tissue spaces, increasing the flow through the walls of the mucosa. In the pericardium this mechanism is tested systematically by elevating myocardial venous pressure and measuring increases in epicardial transudation / pericardial effusion.

What can cause a sudden increase in pressure or rate of inflow? The hydrostatic pressure of the feeder arteries is determined by the systolic blood pressure. During orgasm the pressure increases and the woman systolic pressure doubles during each orgasm. This high blood pressure increases the driving force that activates the transudation  mechanism.

Inflow is provided through the median longitudinal vaginal arteries and arterioles beyond mucosa. A wave of hyper polarization as that which causes the release of nitric oxide can temporarily decrease arteriolar tone and increase in capillary flow feeding the interstitial fluid of the vaginal wall. Nitric oxide has the characteristic of having a short activity before being metabolized, so a gushing jet of fluid can sometimes be released. In the woman’s vagina have been identified nitrergic neurons associated with blood vessels.

The skin flush that usually characterizes orgasm is characterized by a sudden wave of peripheral vasodilatation (reminiscent of the menopause hot flashes). Female ejaculation can be a localized result due to vaginal arousal? These are possible and vasodilating effects mediated by the sympathetic cholinergic system-leaving the anterior hypothalamus, as happens during sudden arousal or sweating during a febrile or inhibition of vasoconstriction by the sympathetic system from the hypothalamus.

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