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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Production of fluid (Continued ...)

Under conditions of sexual arousal, increases the rate of production of fluid and the composition is not changed; the sodium and water reabsorption mechanisms are exceeded. Such changes occur when the sweat or the salivary secretion increases from baseline to the maximum and the mechanism that can normally reabsorb sodium, potassium excreted or absorb the solvent has little time to act; as well as the scale increases, the proportion of sweat or saliva which are essentially filtered plasma, they constitute the largest portion of secretion.

On the basis of the chemical composition of the exudation and its change with increasing flow during the activity, we can say that the fluid produced during ejaculation exhibits a great deal of change. As the production of fluid reaches a peak, it could overwhelm the capacity of the mucosa to change its composition and consequently is approaching to that of the serum.
We need to describe a task that can conduct a large amount of fluid in a membrane in a short time. In biological systems, the increases in the spread are made by an increase in the surface area where the flow; a driving force as, in this case, is the hydrostatic pressure gradient that increases the diffusion coefficient and altering the permeability of the membrane.

Increase on the surface area where is the flow

The vaginal wall has three features that have the potential to increase the capabilities of the area. Deep waves reside on the interface between the epithelium and the lamina propria. This feature is shared with urothelium that allows mucus stretch until the surface epithelial luminal and concomitantly decreases the distance through which the fluid can spread. The folds of the abdominal wall encloses the excess area that becomes available, flattening the cavity as a result of movements, muscle contraction or development of localized edema. The “curtains” or bulging proximal of the vagina are the reason why the cervix expands its surface and flattens the mucosa.

Increase stimulus

Increase stimulusSometimes the oozing through the permeable membrane. It is basically composed of water con-
tained in the electrolytic solution or plasma-indu-
ced mass flowing when vasoconstriction. The pressure gradient can increase with the increased pressure of the artery or by increasing the rate of inflow of blood; the increase in venous pressure for the spillage of blood or lymph; squeezing the tissue spaces as happens during muscle contraction, smooth muscle schele-
trale or cell epithelial dotted lamina propria.

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