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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Production sources and expulsion of fluid (Continued ...)

The mucosa has two longitudinal ridges on the surface epithelial mediansThe mucosa has two longitu-
dinal ridges on the surface epithelial medians, one front and one rear. Numerous bilateral roughness traverse extend from these vaginal “columns”. They are separated by grooves and variable depth. Many anecdotal studies on female gushing refer to these rugae on the ventral vaginal column.

The sulci were previously described as open ducts on the walls of the vagina. These apparent ducts were small recesses in the mucosa (gaps). Gaps in addition to the area of the flow in the lumen and is expected, not to be connected, with the paraurethral glands like ducts, surrounded by secretory cells in the urethra confluent. It should be pointed out that the Central wall is was so wrinkled that it was two or three layers of the Central wall and that there were many more rugae in the distal compared with the proximal vagina. Were described very small pores that oil and unload profusely during the sexual act. Should not confuse this with female ejaculation; should give properly female prostate through the urethra with expulsion.

The lamina propria consists of loose connective tissue also called connective tissue areolar. Like a collapsed sponge, this tissue has countless potential spaces able to grow and expand with the fluid. The wall of the vagina is rich in the arteries that are able to dilate if stimulated; consequently, the lamina propria becomes edematous. The veins and lymph that discharge vaginal wall are organized like networks including the venous Plexus and lymph plexus. The result is a thickening of vaginal wall that favors the Orgasmic platform that provides additional stimulation to the penis during coitus.

More blood arrives at the wall of vagina internal iliac arteries that have different ramifications. Noteworthy are the ramifications that come from the uterine arteries and internal uterine pudenda. The vaginal arteries anastomose to form a longitudinal median azygos artery on the ventral surface and another on the dorsal surface of the vagina, feeding the mucosaa.
Vaginal artery enlargement during stimulation and filling of veins Plexus cause mucosal edema and transudation for lubrication. Further mutations of exudation which lead to orgasm can trigger even female ejaculation.

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