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As acting the natural product Lastevolution


Some cultures recognize three female sexual fluids of womenSome cultures recognize three female sexual fluids of women including the written Tao, Zen and other Micronesian islands Trukese cultures described in works cited by Sevely. Western orthodox medicine recognizes two of these sexual fluids. The first is the lubrication and is due to the secretion of vulval vestibule glands (Bartholin’s glands) and exudation of fluid through the mucous membrane of the vagina. The second, called female ejaculation, consists in the secretion produced by the female prostate (gland Shene) and involves the paraurethral duct and the urethra until vulva featuring climax of some women. The third fluid is known in some areas as gushing.

Until more detailed discussion has developed of the G-spot by Grafenberg and “erotic zone” on the front wall of the vagina, a reasonable understanding had not yet been developed on the anatomy and physiology of paraurethral and female ejaculation. Significant advances have been made including detailed histological examination of the glands and their biochemical functions for the production of such components as chemical signals and prostate specific antigen. However, the confusion still exists when the paraurethral glands and female ejaculation are used in order to explain all the fluids expelled during female orgasm. The POV or female ejaculation is a separate phenomenon.

The POV or female ejaculation is described as a watery liquid, little or no smell and taste colored residuez. The quantity produced can vary from a few drops to 10 milliliters or non-specific. The issue can happen only once during session coital or can repeat with a series of climaxes. When are issued large amounts of fluid, the woman can accuse symptoms of dehydration. The fluid may be jettisoned as Gush that may be propelled forward with a Jet or can simply scroll without specific impulses. In the same way that the orgasm, ejaculation does not appear in all women and all those who succeed in this drive does not always manage to ejaculate because it is an irregular and unpredictable biological event.

In the same way that the orgasm, ejaculation does not appear in all our research allow us to say that the fluid released during female ejaculation is a filtrate of plasma produced by a mechanism known as the exudation. The fluid that is created to gush, out from the abdominal wall of the vagina where we find a rich vascular network, a dense venous Plexus, soft connective tissue and permeable epithelial membrane. The flow model has described various forms of POV as results of a sudden increase of intercellular liquid or pressure that is likely to create a wave of response due to vasodilatation reinforced by muscular contractions.

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