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How it works - Pag. 2


As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Using Lastevolution helps the sexual glandsBoth studies were carried out security tasks on Lastevoluti-
on components and on the basis of the results obtained can be evaluated as a natu-
rally derived raw materials, innovative and able to assist in activities closely related to the sexual sphere. These active principles could play a key role in a supplement as Lastevolution.

Lastevolution use helps the sex glands that, with the passing of years, require a more significant amount of vitamins and procure from other tissues that would be exposed to diseases, increasing the use of zinc, magnesium, copper and potassium which are essential ingredients for the functioning of the seminal fluid.

The amino acid L-Histidine as contained in Lastevolution, plays a key role in sexual activity during ejaculation and orgasm. The body uses Histidine to produce histamine that is responsible for ejaculation. Men and women who have trouble achieving orgasm can be favored by supplementati-
on of Histidine, that is also a vasodilator that causes blood flow to sexual organs.
This amino acid is responsible, along with vitamin B3 (niacin) and B6 (pyridoxine) of the synthesis of histamine, which improves sexual activity and pleasure.

Female ejaculation comes from periurethral glands. These glands saturate it with the fluid during intercourse and the bulge of tissue can be heard from the vaginal wall. The liquid that emerges is composed also by glucose (a sugar) and fructose as the one present in Lastevolution formula.

Orgasmic gushing: where does the fluid come from and how is it produced

Women produce three sexual fluids: lubricity by means of exudation, fluid through the vaginal mucosa and mucus through vestibular glands; female ejaculation by paraurethral glands and gushing.

Orthodox Western medicine and Physiology have not yet issued an objective description or explanation the third, gushing.

We propose that it be a filtration of plasma produced by a process known as exudation. This is an additional applica-
tion of oozing after vaginal lubrication.
Our thinking is that the fluid released by a Gush from the ventral wall of the vagina due to an increased surface area of the dilated arteriole and mucosa during the sex flush that sweeps over the vagina, stimulating veins pressurized and compression caused by muscle contraction during sexual climax and orgasm.

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