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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Extrapolation of a considerable volume of fluid during female ejaculation (Continued ...)

It is unlikely that a body enough to store large quantities of liquid has not been seen by anatomists for thousands of years. The only structure with suitable capacity and access to the outside is the urinary bladder but the description of experiences it forecloses the possibility given the chance by women to produce urine before and after reaching orgasm and also the highest concentration of PSA (prostate specific antigen) and the low concentration of urea of fluid. The only solution would be for an organ capable of producing large amounts of fluid “on request” and this research describes this well understood mechanism into the vagina.

Despite the ability of the vagina to produce large amounts of fluid on request, many episodes indicate that the fluid is often (but not always) seen out of the urethra and vagina. The same mechanism could also be present in the urethra? ... Perhaps. Transactional epithelium in the neck of the bladder, in the region known as trigone, is commonly replaced by an epithelium in women similar to that of the vagina but not in men.

Remain some gaps that need to be investigated on histological and physiological anatomy of the urethra. The recent model developed will provide a simple structure to use when studying the mechanism shown significant spill of liquid volumes in the form of a Gush from vagina might also explain the expulsion of a large amount of sexual fluid from the urethra during orgasm.
If appropriate microstructures have been identified, it will not be necessary to postulate a new mechanism for the watery secretion as the same mechanism has already been included. All that is needed is to check whether this mechanism can occur in the urethra. Investigation should explore the mucosa that lines the lacunae along the urethral walls, in regions which are not occupied by the prostate tissue.


LThe research that we have proposed is to understand how the female ejaculation is most likely the result of sexual arousal that makes wet vagina, increase mucosal blood flow and all accompanied by contractions of the vagina that increase the pressure in the venous plexus.
All of these factors increases the transudation through the mucosa. Transudation is probably enhanced or augmented by contractions and actually the liquid is pushed out from the lamina propria and the gap and sometimes fluids are pushed outside of the vagina with a strong pressure.

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