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As acting the natural product Lastevolution

Ejecting fluid

Some research has already reported on the implication of electrolyte activity such as exuding neurogenic which provides in quantities above the liquid due to hydrostatic pressure changes as described previously. The drip filtered through the intercellular spaces of vaginal epithelium acts by saturating the Na + reabsorption and limited capacity of cell transfer. Thinning of the epithelium may facilitate the spread of the fluid.
In this way, the increased surface area increases the imbalance between the supply and the blood flow and increased mucosal permeability, would each add to the delivery of a pulse of fluid at orgasm.

Why the ventral wall?

There are several explanations for the the vaginal ventral column may be more involved in ejaculation that the dorsal column. Can pump several times as the dorsal wall. The urethra is embedded in the abdominal wall. The erection of the corpus spongiosum surrounding the urethra can cause swelling of the urethral tissue in the vagina, increasing visibility and palpability of the abdominal wall. The ventral wall also helps to anchor the external urethral sphincter.

This anchor would tend to stabilize the ventral column in such a way that the contractions of adjacent muscles would squeeze it rather than passively drag it. The female prostate tissue is distributed dorsally in the wall of the urethra into the vagina and greater sensitivity, known as the G-spot, is associated with it. This sensitivity probably encourages humans to choose the coital position that increases directly the ventral wall of the vagina, and further increases the likelihood that it gushing mechanisms will be activated.

Extrapolation of a considerable volume of fluid during female ejaculation

The development of this study on female ejaculation was inspired by the attempts of some to explain the large amount of fluid expelled by some women during orgasm. The female paraurethral prostate glands may not be able to produce large volumes of fluid required as using the apocrine and merocrine functionality. Prior to secretion production would require a storage.

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