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Fructose: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

Fructose: natural ingredient of LastevolutionFemale ejaculation comes from the periurethral glands. These glands are saturated with fluid during sexual inter-
course, and swelling of the tissue can be heard from the vaginal wall. The liquid that comes out is also composed of glucose (a natural sugar) and fructose.
There have been several studies of fluids released during female ejaculation to identify the chemical composition. By means of chemical analysis it was found that the fluid contains:

  • Glucose (a natural sugar) and fructose (another natural sugar that is also found in prostate seminal fluid)
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA): an enzyme produced by the prostate and present in the semen that keeps fluid PSA after ejaculation. It is assumed that the antigen is originates in the woman from the periurethral glands
  • A very low rate of creatinine and urea, the two key chemical markers of urine, found in high concentrations in urine analysis prior to and subsequent ejaculation.

In 1988, Milan Zaviacic, of the Institute of Pathology, University of Bratislava, presented a study of five patients hospitalized in the department of gynecology and obstetrics because they had fertility problems. The total sample of one of four patients and a sample of a second woman in the group were taken directly in the laboratory, the remaining at home. In four of five cases, the samples were examined within three hours of collection, while the remainder were tested three months later. The results revealed, in all five cases, a higher concentration of fructose in the ejaculate sample.

Fructose is a natural product. As sucrose is the natural sugar beet and cane sugar, fructose is found naturally in fruits, honey and in certain plants such as onions or chicory.

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