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Lastevolution: frequently asked questions

How many packs of Lastevolution I need?? Each box contains 80 tablets of Lastevolution. The recommended dosage is 4 tablets day: two in the morning for breakfast and dinner. In this way every confection has the duration of twenty days. To obtain excellent results it is recommended that you purchase an assay from 3 to 6 months, depending on your specific needs.

As the control of the quality of your products? External feedback on studies and toxicology health laboratory are carried out by the competent units in compliance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health, also external laboratories dealing with verification of quality.

Let us remind ourselves that art. 8 of CEE Directive 65/65 states that: “for the notification of biomedicine as supple-
ments, is not due to provide the results of toxicological drug tests and conclusions of clinical verification if, by detailed references to published scientific literature, it is verifiable that the components are effectively recognized traditional use and with an acceptable degree of safety of application”.
The judging criteria considered by Naturdieta-Wonderup Sagl in plant selection and formulation of their products are:

  • Absence of bacterial
  • The absence of heavy metals
  • Absence of aflatoxins
  • Absence of pesticides and chemical preservatives
  • Quantitative verification of active ingredients
  • Examining interactions
  • Absence of radioactivity
  • Control of resistance of structure

How are made your products? The particularities of the remedies we have designed are:

  • The functional effectiveness confirmed
  • the modularity of the assimilation of internal wording essences
  • The release of several synergistic components
  • The synergistic activities among different plants made
  • The non-toxicity
  • The privileged use of dry extracts standardized and cali-
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