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Creatine: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

Positive effects of creatine

Creatine is a naturally substance present in the human bodyLately, many studies have been performed confirming the use of creatine among sportsmen. Some of the conclusions it has reached on relevant results produced by the integration of creatine are the following: the creatine molecule acts as a reserve for the reformation of ATP. Its task is relevant at the beginning of intense physical engagement and of short duration, since it is at this time that the muscle receives energy from ATP that is responsible for his release.

Many researches show that the integration of creatine increases more than 30% its concentration in skeletal muscle compared to the baseline concentration and phosphocreatine in more than 20% and this determines a better yield in intense and short-lived.

Studies performed by Jenkins et Alia in 1993 underlined that taking creatine supplements also reduces muscular effort when implementing activities in succession and with great intensity in a short period of time. This is due to the decrease in ammonium and lowering of intracellular pH and blood that is generated during the operation of intense and continuous training.
This action allows to maximize the effectiveness of physical activity performed with the maximum intensity. This increase in the rate of creatine into the muscle that converts the acidity by lowering the pH, increasing workload during physical activity by allowing to act with more replicas and more dynamic recover.

Creatine stimulates cell regeneration processes and facilitates the synthesis of proteins during the stages of recovery in physical activity. Increases the speed of transfer of substrates between the cellular compartments like mitochondria and cytoplasm by promoting the recovery of ATP during pause periods.
Accelerates muscle contraction and relaxation by encoura-
ging the release of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum which is found in every cell. This activity is due to the fact that the bridges of actomiosine forming divide more rapidly, allowing the muscle fiber by self stimulation again thus enhancing the efficiency of training.

Ministry of Health Circular No. 8 6/7/99 guidelines on foods adapted to an intense muscular effort, especially for sportsmen
  • Use in case of special needs as increased demand or reduced synthesis
  • If the daily dose is 4-6 g., this may not exceed a period of thirty days. Over this period, the dose should not be greater than 3 g./day
  • For prolonged use (over 6-8 weeks) you need the opinion of a Doctor. The product is contraindicated in renal pathology, in pregnancy and below the 12 years.
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