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Creatine: natural ingredient of Lastevolution

Creatine: natural ingredient of LastevolutionCreatine is determined by amino acids and is thrown naturally by the body. We can find in herring, pork, beef, salmon, tuna, cod, milk and blueberries. Converted in its phosphorylated, creatine exerts a defense of cell energy reserves.

Scientific analysis has recently studied the creatine as Supplement aimed towards improvement of muscular performance. Creatine monohydrate in its structure, has become very popular among athletes engaged in intense physical activity such as body building, weightlifting, swimming, martial arts, volleyball, tennis.
Creatine is usable in different formats but the form more stable and better absorbed is the creatine monohydrate like that found in our natural product Lastevolution.

  • Enhance the muscular prowess
  • Boost significantly the size of the muscle fibers without increasing body fat or water retention
  • Make faster recovery of force between intense activities
  • Reduce fatigue, reducing the production of lactic acid during short-duration exercises
  • Allow more intense activities that increase the power and muscle growth.

Creatine is a product-dependent energy metabolism by the liver is synthesized from arginine, S-adenosyl-methioni-
ne and glycine and is used in muscles to form ATP (adenosine triphosphate) during the first moments of muscular contraction.

The human body can absorb 0.3 g. for kg. When it assumes creatine, is its phosphorylation on nitrogen glicinic to phosphocreatine. Generally it is researched in the urine and the blood (blood creatinine) its indicator of degradation, creatinine, kidney function as a detector. Later it was used as a therapeutic preparation and currently is a supplement used by athletes.

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