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HSDD - Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Phytotherapeutic treatment with Humor: the solution to this problem
Non-sexual problems that can cause sexual problems
  • Depression may involve a decrease in sexual desire and certain antidepressant medications, even if they are useful and sometimes essential, are able to cause a decrease in the desire and the difficulty or inability to reach the orgasm
  • A troubled relationship and not liking towards your body can cause Sexual Disorders and Eating Disorders
  • The persistent stress such as that caused by work, can give rise to difficulties at the level of desire, of abandonment, of the ability to have orgasm, even with the possibility of suffering
  • The presence of high levels of anxiety can curb sexual desire and produce impediments to surrender
  • Problems of torque, especially if marked by tension, sullenness, aggression are manifested in a direct or mediated and they are able to score in profound the intimacy of the couple and then also in the sphere of sexual life
  • Problems gynecological infections, irritations and further gynecological disorders are able to give rise to pain during intercourse; pain, in turn, can cause stiffening of the muscles and therefore the increase of the pain itself. The pain intensified so can lead to blockage of sexual desire, with the intention not to submit to more pain
  • Clinical problems. Many diseases are able to give rise to different sexual disorders and on the front of sexual desire in the first place. Some of these diseases are represented by intestinal carcinomas metastatic to certain endocrine diseases, permanent kidney failure, diabetes, liver cirrhosis and liver disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, debilitating diseases or due to chronic pain.

Are especially forms of psychic basic to react positively to this method of treatment. A new U.S. research has documented that, in individuals with anxiety and depression and sexual problems, herbal medicine therapies are indicated as first-line drugs.

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