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HSDD - Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Phytotherapeutic treatment with Humor: the solution to this problem
Sexual pain disorders
  • Dyspareunia: The distinctive feature of this disorder is a substantial suffering that involves the genitals during sexual activity, specifically during intercourse but even before or after it. The intensity of evil may differ considera-
    bly from individual to individual and from circumstance or context. In order we can speak of dyspareunia in women this disorder should not be attributable solely to vaginis-
    mus or at the lack of lubrication
  • Vaginismus: the key feature of this disorder is the repeated or persistent involuntary contraction of muscle tissue in an attempt to implement vaginal penetration with the penis but is in some cases also with fingers during gynecological examination. In some cases, the muscle spasm makes it impractical the penetration
  • Disorders of the Gender Identity: are disorders characterized by strong and persistent identification with the opposite sex, showing an intense discomfort for their biological sex. This problem seems to be a woman on 100,000 / 150,000
  • Paraphilias: more known by the term depravity and perversions, are quite rare in women. To be recognized as actual paraphilias, desires, or how to act the person must cause intense discomfort or damage to the common life, work or are needed to produce excitement or involve individuals against their will. The most common paraphilias in women is sexual masochism, while all other paraphilias appear to be uncom
  • Compulsive sexuality: for compulsive sexual activity is meant research recurrent of different partners for their own desire, or the practice of a compulsive masturbation. In some cases it is a problem evaluable as obsessive, in others as a management problem of human relations in general and also known by its old name of nymphomania
  • Unfulfilled sexuality: even if the sex life does not seem to show any apparent problem, it can actually prove to be inadequate for the woman. This status can be due to various reasons but mainly to a kind of lock free expressi-
    on of desires and emotions.
    In addition to this, it is rather usual that the woman consider predominant the male satisfaction than at the female and therefore to overshadow his personal needs. Finally, the fear of being left behind, judged or looked down upon may admit sexual relations or particular sexual activities without having real desire. This gives rise to dissatisfaction, anger, blame and unsatisfactory sexuality.
    The difficulty to indulge, guilt, inadequacy for the body, prohibit the practices that would instead experienced as pleasant, leads to sexual behavior only outwardly appro-
    priate and rewarding. Difficulties of this kind are quite usual and often the woman is not even fully aware of the incompleteness and of the lack of total self-determination in its sexual dimension.
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