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Humor: frequently asked questions

Humor: frequently asked questionsIn this section we list those that have so far been the most frequently asked questions (and answers) received about the product Humor against the decline in female sexual desire. If you would posit new ones, please write us at Thank you for your valuable cooperation.

What is Humor? Humor is a natural product and natural supplement in tablets formulated by researchers from Wonderup-Naturdie-
ta in order to fight and solve problems to HSDD or hypoacti-
ve sexual desire disorder

Who is it useful? It is useful to all those who suffer from HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder and want to rebalance the sexual desire and improve libido by increasing sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

What is the reason why so many women suffering from HSDD or hypoactive sexual desire disorder? Because their estrogens and serotonin are reduced. Serotonin is also a valuable regulator of gastrointestinal organs and autonomic activity. For this reason, during the premenstrual syndrome is evident not only irritability, aggression and depression but also abdominal swelling, aggravation of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, digestive complications, fluid retention, weight gain and swelling.

However, the mood is not only dependent from serotonin. Other precious neurotransmitters are influenced by estro-
gen, for example, endorphins, our molecules of happiness. In the absence of estrogen, their share drops significantly. This action, in union with the fall of the serotonin contributes to a pejorative mood change, up to a clinically significant depression.
This is unfortunately not the only action caused by lack of estrogen, resulting in a negative change of mood, since it is also reduced dopamine, which turns out to be the accelera-
tor biochemical desire and need to do. Low levels of estrogens and androgens also reduce sexual desire, vitality and self-esteem by increasing muscular problems and the difficulty of intellectual concentration.

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