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Can Can:

Sexual problems related to women

Some elements related to our daily life can lead to lack of sexual desire, inability to achieve orgasm and interesting our health in general. Below briefly expose some of the most problematic.


All nervous responses are altered by stress, including those submitted by the endocrine system and the brain. Stress can seriously interfere with the ability to cause complete or achieve sexual satisfaction.

LACK OF ADEGUATE SLEEP Lack of adeguate sleep

We must sleep at least eight hours per night. A certain amount of intake of melatonin (a natural antioxidant), can help you get a better sleep. A natural remedy herbal can also be of help.

Environmental toxins

All we are bombarded daily by a huge number of artificial chemicals. We are infected with additives, preservatives, tinctures, even in the water fluoride and chloride we find not to mention the pesticides. These chemicals, in addition to being an objective danger, cause nutritional deficiencies and especially of minerals and oligo-elements necessary to sexual health.


Deletes power by limiting the oxygen and damages blood vessels. The smoke axle literally the body with hundreds of toxic substances such as nicotine, the carbon monoxide, lead, cadmium and benzopyrene. Furthermore we also lose some crucial nutrients such as vitamins C, E, A and carotenes, all essential for normal sexual activity.


Caffeine urges the adrenal glands that provide the “raw material” to hormones. Recent studies show that decreases the amount of testosterone, it can cause the interruption of menstrual cycle and also increases the muscle tension inhibiting the subsequent relaxation that instead favor a good sexual activity.


Alcohol limits the sexual response and weakens the senses. Like caffeine appear to alter the production of testosterone, a substance needed both men and women. Although a good glass of red wine helps you to relax, containing flavonoids that help the circulation is good not to abuse it.

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