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Can Can:

Natural satisfaction with Can Can Gel

Can Can Gel is the first product on the market that contains key ingredients responsible for the female sexual arousal.

How to find the sexual satisfaction naturally with Can Can Gel

Natural satisfaction with Can Can GelAccording to a recent article published in the British Journal, a substantial portion of women feel sexually unsatisfied, and this impatience was due to problems with the excitement. According to the British magazine, the woman complains fact that sexual intercourse is often short-term or limited intensity, however, insufficient for the right stimuli.
According to "Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviours", in a survey on sexuality world, 70% of the female sample (40 to 80 years old) said he was not / moderately satisfied with their partner. Among the youngest only 34% said they were very satisfied. In almost all cases the blame is attributed to the partner whose relationship would be short-lived, unable to satisfy her.

Often the cause is assigned to the partner whose sexual “duration” would show too quick to give stimuli. However, it is ignored the fact that at the base of the dissatisfaction of women, there are other thematic like sexual disorders in achieving female orgasm (41.3%), disorders of sexual desire in women (38.8%), poor excitation (32.4%).

Other research, accomplished by SWG, reports that more young women are unsatisfied between 20 and 24 years. The reasons are attributable to relationship problems between the couple and difficulties in the approach to sexual intercourse.
The company SWG operating with a sample of 1001 women aged between 20 and 55 years, showed that only 5.1% of intervened is satisfied with their sexuality.

Unfortunately, even among women there are still major problems in dialogue about the subject of sex. In fact, 37.8% admit to feeling uncomfortable to communicate with others or with friends.
For women talk about their sexual problems is awkward.

Natural satisfaction with Can Can GelThe sexual response proceeds in stages, starting with excitement (erection for him and congestion of the vaginal and clitoral tissue for her) to reach the orgasm. In the 70's the psychiatrist Helen Singer Kaplan remarked that first need to be physically excited to try sexual desire: affirmation obvious. While Masters and Johnson perceived sexual arousal as a linear escalation toward orgasm, other researchers argued in 1999 that women are acting according to a more circular pattern. Desire can anticipate stimulation or be triggered by it. The satisfaction is possible at any stage and orgasm is not necessarily the ultimate goal.

Some observations reveal that women react to visual erotic motives but differently from males, the excitement is not intrinsically linked to the subjective perception of being excited. For women, the excitement can be before or in the absence of a conscious desire, while the interplay between desire and excitement, which involves an intense feedback between the brain and genitals, has yet to be revealed, part of biochemistry at its base is renewing itself.

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