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Triko Ok Men:

Carrot: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Men

Cosmetic use of Carrot

The carrot has always been considered up from the ancient time a natural remedy for skin diseases. In fact, vitamin A and the beta-carotene which the carrot is rich, can be considered, quite rightly,the skin vitamins. Dry skin with impurities, the higher occurrence of acne, difficulty in tanning, the occurrence of sunburn, premature appearance of wrinkles, may depend in large part from an insufficient intake of this vitamin. In addition:

  • Anti-inflammatory: revitalizes and tones the skin. The pulp is used to treat dermatitis, eczema, rashes, wrinkles, and to heal wounds, burns, boils, dermatitis and cracking. Also used in creams and sunscreen
  • In the eye care not only promotes the view, but brings relief to tired eyes and inflamed
  • Nutrient, promotes healthy skin and is beneficial to areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun and tend to crack
  • Moisturizing: helps repair skin tissue and helps in treating dry and chapped skin. The fresh root, finely chopped, can be used as a beauty mask for the face.
Composition and energy value of the Carrot
Source: National Institute of Nutrition

The carrot has the following composition and relative energy value (relying on 100 g. Of product): Edible part 95%, water 91.6 g., Protein 1.1 g., Fat 0 g., Carbohydrates 7.6 g. available, Dietary fiber 3.1 g ., Energy 33 kcal., Sodium 95 mg., Potassium 220 mg., Iron 0.7 mg., Calcium 44 mg., Phosphorus 37 mg., niacin 0.7 mg., Vitamin C 4 mg.

Carrot juice is a great balancing the intestinal flora and is used in infections and poisoning of this organ, during convalescence after a prolonged intake of antibiotics or chemical drugs.
It is also a powerful remineralizing. For these two properties (eubiotic intestinal and mineralizing) is used especially where, in addition to toxic infection phenomena, are also present food intolerances. In such cases it is useful to use the carrot juice along with a fast of one day or more, until complete recovery of bowel function.

It is rich in vitamin A and determines if taken intensively, a reddish-brown color of the skin, which may seem a tan. Treats and prevents diseases of the skin, especially on the basis of allergic eczema or allergic basis with strong alteration of the gut flora and of the skin, as it happens in acne. It is said that the consumption of carrot juice is equivalent to facelift.

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